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Give your beloved pets a safe and comfortable place to play, sleep, rest, and relax. The i.Pet's pet playpen tent makes a smart and safe solution to take your pets outdoors. It has a spacious area to move around freely, which prevents them from feeling trapped or restricted. Not just for dogs, this pet playpen makes a great play area for rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs too. It's constructed from a durable 600D oxford cloth for durable and long-lasting use, and the netted sidewalls allow proper airflow and ventilation. It features two zippered openings that allow convenient entry and exit, and the 3XL size makes it suitable for larger pets. You can even remove the top roof cover for added comfort and convenience. Our i.Pet's tent playpen boasts a washable design, which makes it easy to keep clean. It comes with eight large panels that are easy to set-up and the foldable design makes for easy storage. You can even carry it in our bonus carry bag wherever you go. Bring this pet playpen tent today. Your pet will love and cherish it always.


High-quality 600D oxford cloth

Lightweight and durable

Sturdy frame

Spacious and comfortable

Two zippered openings

Convenient entrance and exit

Foldable design

Space-saving structure

Removable roof cover

Easy to use and store

Easy to set-up

Washable and easy to clean

Indoor and outdoor use

Bonus carry bag

Ideal for dogs, cats, and guinea pigs


Brand: i.Pet

Material: 600D oxford cloth

Panels: 8pcs

Size: 3XL

Overall dimension: 150cm50cm x 75cm

Colour: Black and white

Assembly required: No

Number of packages: One

Package Content

1 x i.Pet Pet Playpen

1 x Carry Bag

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885, 2222, 2449, 2818, 2827, 2829, 2836, 2839, 2874, 2898, 3724, 4477
4490, 4626, 4822, 4871, 4875, 6044, 6209, 6224, 6290, 6442, 6536, 6562
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