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Does your pet wake you from deep sleep for food? Do you feel guilty when you get stuck with work and can’t feed your pet on time? Does your pet gulp food fast? Is your pet overweight? No more guilt or early morning wake-up calls! The i.Pet’s automatic smart feeder comes to your rescue. It features a simple but modern design that allows you to feed your pets even when you’re not around. This pet feeder comes with WiFi control and supports android and IOS mobile devices for ease of use, and the feeding call recording function enables you to record audio for up to 10 seconds. You can even schedule feedings easily, which enables you to foster healthy feeding habits or choose a manual feeding option. And the option to alter the feeding settings depending on your pet’s requirements makes it a perfect choice for big and small pets. You can set it to regular feeding 1-10 times a day and up to 12 portions each meal with a 10g±2g serving size. Our pet feeder has dual operation modes: electrical plug-in and battery operation. So, when the power goes off, you can still use it. It features ABS plastic construction with a 6L capacity and is suitable for dry food with size between 2mm-12mm. Perfect for cats and dogs, bring our automatic smart pet feeder today to keep your beloved pet happy and make your life easier.

Note: When you use the battery operation mode, the pet feeder retains only the automatic feeding function set by the app. Other functions cannot be used.


Freestanding design

Indicator light

WiFi app control

Supports multi-account sharing

Recording function

Flexible feeding function

Up to 10 meals per day

1-12 portions per meal (10g±2g serving size)

Button lock function

Standby power supply

Removable food tray

Easy to clean


Brand: i.Pet

Power: 5V/120UA, 0.6W

Material: ABS plastic

Capacity: 6L

Food: Dry food, size within 2mm – 12mm

Recording function: Supports 10s voice recording

Mobile phone remote feeding: Supports mobile phone control

Manual feeding mode: 1-12 portions at a time

Feeding settings: Regular feeding 1-10 times a day, up to 12 portions each time, 10g±2g per portion

Power off mode: Optional battery operation (batteries not included)

Overall dimensions: 33cm x 19cm x 35cm

Colour: White

Assembly required: Yes

Number of packages: One

Package Content

1 x i.Pet Smart Pet Feeder

1 x User Manual

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Connecting wire

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