About Coco & Chessie


Hello friends! We are Michael and Shanice Bianchi and we are dog lovers just like you. We adore our fur baby family so much, they inspired us to create a one stop shop where you can get the most pawsome dog products and accessories for your dogs. Based in Australia, our mission at Coco & Chessie is to help you spend more time with your pooch and less time shopping.

We work closely with our in-house canine staff Coco, Chessie, Clive, Pedro, Kesha, and Mali to source and test every product in our store. With their expertise, we know that we are offering the highest-quality products that will always leave tails wagging. We carry everything you need, quickly shipped right your door including:

● Dog Toys & Plushies
● Dog Beds & Dog Houses
● Dog Food & Treats
● Dog Grooming Tools & Products
● Dog Clothing & Leashes
● Dog Training & Learning Aids

Our team also loves collaborating with our customers to provide a personalised shopping experience. We work hard to help every pet lover find exactly what they need. We work with both international and Australian suppliers to source the best products at the lowest cost. If you don’t see what you need in our store or just want a different colour, shape, or size, let us know. We have some picky pooches ourselves, so we’re always happy to help. We’ll sniff around and hunt down exactly what you want. Also, if you ever have a bone to pick, we’re here too! We are passionate about keeping our customers happy and offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

Whether you are getting your first puppy or have a full pack like us, we’re here to help equip your furry family with everything you need for a howling good time. We can’t wait to meet you and your dogs. So come on in, take a look around, and we’re sure that you’ll find everything your four-legged friends need!